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O sobie: Hangzhou Duhui Automotive Co.,Ltd was found in the year 2006, and started to the production of wheel hub bearings. After more than 10 years rapid growth, Duhui become one of the most professional manufacturer and supplier of wheel hub bearings, and we also focus on developing all kinds of wheel bearing kits, belt tensioner, hydraulic clutch release bearing and other auto bearings. After years of development, Duhui supply more than 3000 kinds of products. We insist on innovation, and allow our customers to experience the latest products, the best service and the most reasonable prices.
Production Quality Control
Duhui strive to manufacture customer satisfactory products with advanced production equipments.
Duhui wheel hub and bearings areengineered to the OEM design and specification for each particular make and model. Duhui components made with premium quality materials to ensure that customer receive a robut, durable long lasting product.
Testing Center
Every Duhui wheel hub and bearing goes through rigorous testing to ensure that the part performs to Duhui exacting standard. OEM vehicle.
Standards are the core feature to providing safe travel.
Our Certificate
We passed the SGS Certifacte and the ISO/TS: 16949:2009
Our Markets
Our main market is Europe and South & North American, including the Germany, France, UK, Poland, Russia, Spain, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and also the other more than 100 countries. The turnover of the year 2018 is more than 8 million US dollars and we are still keeping move on.
Our Mission & Vision
Our everlasting purpose is Quality first, Integrity based and Full service.
We adhere to reasonable price, honesty and trustworthiness for customers and partners.
Every effort is made our clients to be more successful through our cooperation.cheap Wheel Hub Assembly Front For TOYOTA CAMRY 518508