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Miejscowość: http://www.sgbuildingmaterial.com/
O sobie:
Siriuseal Co.,Ltd is one of the earliest professional design and manufacture of mechanical seal and promotion of seal application technology in China. Our main products are mechanical seal and metal corrugated pipe seal. Our products are supplied to domestic industrial pump enterprises and agitator manufacturers for a long time. Oil, chemical, coal oil, pharmaceutical and paper making, metallurgy, oil refining, shipping, and thermal power plants have attracted extensive attention.
Our company strongly promote high-tech investment, high-tech product development, learning at home and abroad advanced technology, perfect their own products, constantly enrich the technical force, constantly add and replace equipment and testing apparatus, constantly improve and strengthen the quality management system, passed IOS9001-2000 quality management certification system, to stabilize the product quality has laid a solid foundation.
Our company has good production environment and highly qualified technical personnel, substantial funding base, efficient management, exquisite technology, perfect testing process, the rich variety of product selection and model, can provide customers with stable quality and delivery cycle, and can quickly develop new products. Modularized spare parts inventory, mature field application technology, perfect sales and after-sales service system, so that customers can choose us without any worries, and respond to your needs at any time.
We are always committed to the imported mechanical seals localization and have accumulated a wealth of experience. Our product range includes Component Seals, Metal Bellow Seals, Cartridge Seals, Agitator seals, Dry Gas Seals and Split Seals. Silicone Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Graphite and Ceramic products are also available. We also make pump shaft and pump shaft sleeve for our end-user clients.Shaft Seals John Crane Type 4610 suppliers