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Informacje o yuanling
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Dane kontaktowe
E-mail: E-mail.
Identyfikator Yahoo: http://www.btd-spraybooth.com/
Identyfikator Skype: http://www.china-biopak.com/
Dodatkowe informacje o yuanling
Płeć: nie wybrano
Miejscowość: http://www.cool-di.com/pet-toy/plastic-pet-toys/
O sobie: About us
BTD Car Tools Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for car spraying, baking and largest automobile spraying/baking booth in South China since Year 2002 . With strong R&D experiences, advanced technology and guarantee quality , BTD brand spray booth is getting more and more popular all over the world .
BTD target is to be a leading enterprising manufacturer for high-end Spray Paint Booth and painting lines, BTD enjoys good reputation in Europe and hold the most market share for high-end Spray Paint Booth. All of which are compliant to CE directives. We has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and ensures that every department follows the articles of the system.
BTD has many agency and establish many showroom around the world ,customers can easy find our products in your countryif we have agency and showroom there . Meanwhile , we welcomes partners who are interested to be our agency .
Company overview
More than 10 years’ design and manufacturing experience in the coating industry
Design oriented by EU standard
Adopt new technology and new materials
Provide professional coating treatment solutions for global clients

Organizational structure
Company Culture
We are a team full of responsibility and passion for our customers. We advocate learning, good at innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service, and advocacy for win-win, ensuring the fastest time, the best service, and to meet the needs of our customers to the maximum. Constantly contribute to China Informatization Construction.
Our mission
⊙Promote the development of intelligent science and technology and lead the trend of intelligent science application
⊙Incorporate the deep integration of science technology and application to promote social progress
Our vision
⊙To Create China's Top National Brand
⊙To be a sustainable operated, high-growth enterprise.
Our core values
⊙ People-oriented; Insist on integrity; Acting on change; Focus on performance
Our business concept
⊙Professional focus; Target agglomeration; Quality first; Continuous innovation
Our service concept
⊙Customer-centric, beyond customer satisfaction
Our management concept
⊙ Put the selection of talents, cultivation of talents in the first place
⊙ Respect and trust every employee
⊙ Create a learning team, which can continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individuals through continuous learning
⊙ Adhere to the principles and emphasize discipline
⊙ Pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, to promote teamwork spirit
Our concept of human resources
Have both moral integrity and professional competence; With morality first; Meritocracy; Take advantage of his talents when appointing talent
Our ten standards
Diligence and dedication; Honesty and integrity; Brave and loyal; Confident and optimistic;Advocating learning
Active and enterprising; Innovative and dedication; Full of passion; Emphasis on cooperation; Master spirit
Company Video
Company certificatesChina Retractable Spray Booth